Change is here and more change is coming. I’ve been actively living these changes and welcoming them for three years now.

I am a risk-taker by nature. In this choose-my-own-adventure story, I’ve doubled down and taken the risk-filled route because there is no part of me that wants to get the fuck out of what I am currently doing. I’ve previously taken a stroll down the “safer” path and felt my soul wither and die on the road of mediocrity.

Insane greatness requires an act of insanity.

However, this act of “going all in”, devoting everything you have to greatness and the life style you want to achieve can be extremely tricky. It is easy to double down and go all in when you are playing poker. The time frame between you saying, “I’m all in” to when all the cards are out on the table is short, minutes at best. It is different when you risk everything to be the most extraordinary version of yourself that you can be.

It can get really uncomfortable, really quickly. The time between you knowing if you’ve won or lost is longer than just a few minutes, which means you have more time to psych yourself out, panic and think about pulling the plug before all the cards are on the table.

I know. I am there right now.

I take a look around me. All of my extraordinary friends who have dedicated themselves to living an adventure filled life are in the same spot. We’ve gone all in and are just waiting with baited breath to see if we will win or lose.

I feel less scared because I know I am in good company.

The thing to remember when you embark upon life altering change and pursuing the life of your dreams is to not quit before all the cards are dealt. The wait can be tough. The time frame is longer than a game of Texas Hold ‘Em and you have more opportunities to psych yourself out.

Don’t quit before you quit. You owe it to yourself to see it through to the end.