I feel like I am living on the razor’s edge.

At this moment in time, everything in my life makes me slightly uncomfortable.

6×6, the epic art festival my gallery, Baang and Burne Contemporary is presenting in 37 days makes me uncomfortable.  When I think about how many events we have lined up and everything that has gone into making 6×6, the enormity of it scares me. We set out to make this event EPIC …. I think epic is what we will have on our hands.

There is only 5 more days to our Kickstarter campaign for 6×6 and we still have a $1000 to raise. I am more than nervous.

The next leg for Wok the Dog is Africa, The Dark Continent, and that makes me a little uncomfortable. There will be challenges in traveling the dark continent alone, especially to get the kind of photos that I am looking for (i.e. Bush Meat).

A new series of work I just created and some of the writing I’ve been doing sets me on edge. It is the most intimate body of work I’ve ever made. It scares me to put it out there — to let it out of my hands and let it be loved, judged and talked about by you.

My personal life —- a strange and unlikely character has entered my play and everything about the scenario is unconventional. The control freak in me does not know how to categorize it, intellectualize it, or compartmentalize it. The control freak is out of control.

Everything in my life is making me a little uncomfortable.

This is how I know my life is on the right track.


I want to live life to the fullest. I will live as truthfully, authentically, without limits, in abundance, constantly creative and always challenge and expand. I will never let my decisions be based on fear and I will always push beyond the limits.

This is how I want to live my life. This is how I live my life.

The sure way to measure if I am pushing my own limits is to see how uncomfortable I am.

Complacency is the enemy of success. Adaptation and mutation only comes when the species is challenged.

If you don’t want to grow because things are fine as they are, great! The way I live my life is not for everyone. Being uncomfortable and constantly pushing the limits….well, it’s uncomfortable and exhausting.

But if you want to be more…then you know what you have to do.

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