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The Mongol Rally

An outlandish overland charity rally - crossing 1/3 of the world in a tiny car - completely unsupported and no pre-determined route.

One Woman

Zero Experience Driving a Manual Car

Prague to Ulaanbaatar

14 countries in 6 weeks


13025 km in 3:14

Selected Highlights from The Mongol Rally

Selected Highlights:

All Road Leads to Ulaanabaatar

The day is filled with a continuous choice of LEFT! CENTER! RIGHT! for each divergent road. We’ve driven through Mongolia long enough to believe that all roads will lead us to the finish line. There is only 800km left, we drive more aggressively, a little more recklessly, after all, the cars only need to last us another 2 days.


44 Hours in No Man's Land, Crossing into Mongolia

The weather is turning fast. Our desire to say hello to other ralliers and get the lowdown on this border situation is quickly superseded by the need to set up shelter.


We are Leaving Oz

Ashgabat, the capitol of Turkmenistan is a weird weird place. There is only one television station and it broadcasts state propaganda. There are not much other than politicized, monolithic construction of the Soviet government and of President Niyazov, all are façade in white marble and gold. The hotel rooms are potentially bugged as are any of the restaurants foreigners frequent.


Caspian Sea Crossing

We loaded our cars onto the cargo ferry at 9pm last night and we didn’t set sail until 5am the next day. Seeing that this is a cargo ferry we are on, everything is dependent on the cargo load, when we sail, if we sail. Transporting passengers and cars across the Caspian is just a side business.


Car Maintenance is for Sissys

“Irina” our little Dacia Logan is about to log in 10,000 km on The Mongol Rally and I wanted to make sure that she is okay before I start down the hardest part of rally and the toughest roads. I pull into a mechanic’s shop in Kazakhstan wanting a general check up, breaks, clutch, and maybe even an oil change.

That doesn’t seem too ridiculous does it?


Never Piss off the Fixer

Enter Lachlan. Tall, scruffy, intense, knew our team and who we were as soon as I walked up. We’ve been exchanging a few Facebook messages on the group page and this is the first time we’ve meet in person, its funny how that happens. He is driving alone and has meet up with a couple of Lithuanians (who are not on the rally just having their own massive road trip) and have been looking after Lachlan a little. Ishmael asks if Lachlan wants his help with the visa and getting on the boat, Lachlan being a little naïve to the way of the world told Ishmael, no, he will do it himself.


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