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The Rickshaw Run & charity:water

The challenge: 3500KM across the length of India in a glorified 7-horse power lawnmower! Read On...

Mission: raise $15,000 for charity:water.

Partner in Crime: Sherry Ott - Ottsworld

Recent Tales
  • A Day of Dubious Eating in 5 Parts

    After a long travel day and starving I shoved a spoon full of lemon rice in my mouth and immediately scrunch up my nose. Sherry follows and her displeasure is just as immediate. “Maybe we should consider doing that food tour in the next few days instead of later on.” I suggest. “That is a [...]

  • What can 32 kids do in 30 minutes?

    This note arrived in our inbox today. It is rare that we ever get something so lovely and inspiring, I wanted to share with you… Two 7th grade classes at Iolani School in Honolulu did a swim-a-thon to fundraiser on our behalf, with parents and friends pledging $0.50 – $1.00 per lap, and this is [...]

  • Taking the bait, fish market in Vaikam

      “That’s the fish market.” Our driver points to an empty concrete lot as we drive past. I immediately perk up. Shooting for Wok the Dog is technically complete. After shooting markets around the world for 17 years, one would think I would never want to see another pile of dead fish or table full [...]

  • Before We Get in the Rickshaw…

    I’m asking you to help us reach our goal and bring clean water to people in need around the globe – BUT this time I have something for you in return. We have partnered with Intrepid Travel and Urban Adventures, Telecom Square Mobile Internet Solutions, AFAR Magazine, and Small Car Big City to provide you [...]

  • Searching for Holi

      The fairground gradually fills with foreigners in cheap white kunis and souvenir t-shirts. There are cameras covered in plastic bags everywhere. The foreigners out number the locals and everyone is waiting. The sight of all the cameras and white faces immediately repulse me. This is not what I am looking for. In his youth, [...]

  • Kissing Strangers

    Under “You should contact me if…” section of his profile, he’d written, if you would like to make out with a stranger in a photo booth and call it art. The bold and somewhat poetic proposition made me laugh. I wondered how many women would say yes. We meet in front of a dingy dive [...]

  • A new mindset on charity

    It’s much easier to convince your friends to buy you a drink at the bar than it is to get them to donate the same amount to charity. Why is that? What is even more peculiar is for a lot of people, the act of charity is often associated with an occasion. A walk, a [...]

  • Who is Sherry Ott

    It was a perfect September day in NYC and I am at a book signing for another travel blogger friend, Chris Guillebeau. Before he went on stage, he introduced me to a woman with pointy glasses whose eyes smiles with her and fragile brunette with elfin features. That was the night Sherry Ott and Jodi [...]

  • Silent Treatment

      Work and I had a fight and I am reconsidering our relationship. It started a couple of weeks ago. It was a day like any other day. An overflowing to-do list, a list of back-to-back appointments, projects nearly due / due yesterday / pathetically overdue, all tempered with pure-unadulterated exhaustion. I feel like I [...]

  • Can’t Go Looking for History

    The entire city is covered in flashes of red and gold, a new winter coat in pale pink with a hood trimmed in white faux-fur, fire crackers and endless games of hide and go seek are the predominate memories I have of Chinese New Years. It used to be my favorite time of the year. [...]

  • Limits.

      It is a week before my 35th birthday. I was having a super thrifty moment when I bought this ridiculous flight from Portland to Los Angeles with a layover in San Jose. Who in their right mind would take a layover in San Jose when going from Portland to Los Angeles? There is more [...]

  • The Secret Life of Walter Mitty – A Guide on LIFE

    Have you seen The Secret Life of Walter Mitty? There are these moments of sublime, of LIFE experienced. Us humble travel writers attempt to wrangle these moments into words, us hubris photographers hunt for these bits of magic with celluloid, us poetic filmmakers conjure with all our might. Except those moments are as illusive as [...]

  • Drive. Sleep. Rupeet — The Rickshaw Run

      My most incredible experiences have always come from saying YES before I thought too hard about it. In the nanosecond when the idea transmits, the gut reacts; the soul lights up and my lips move to utter that single syllable. I’ve started and built business on that single second. I drove across the world [...]

  • …Before I sign off for the year…

    There is a giant tree outside. The giant spruce has several friends; they are the first things I see. The spruce, the fog, the marshland. Coffee. Yogurt with blackberry honey from the hippy store and a wood burning stove. I traded skyscrapers for trees. Pause. Pause and lets have a look around. Every time H [...]

  • Lure Me Down Under with Your Lamb

    The easiest way to lure me to somewhere new is with the promise of adventure; down and dirty, outrageous and insane. A far off place, remote, potentially dangerous and raw. Whisper those words in my ear and next thing you know, I am mailing my passport to and fro and signing on the dotted line [...]

  • Is This Art?

    Is This Art? Art must be a lot like love. Is this art? Is this love? Is this good art? Is this true love? Is this what art looks like? Is this what real love feels like? What is art? What is love? These two subjects are constantly scrutinized and questioned, the ingredients and methodology [...]

  • How to Fake Your Own Death 101.

    The last frame of Wok the Dog has been shot. The first edit from this summer is complete. The second edit is underway. I need time to finish writing. Time without the push, pull and demands from every direction. A solid block of time to do nothing but write feels impossible in NYC. Faking my [...]

  • The Hardest Trek

    That was probably the hardest trek I’ve ever done. I didn’t know I was arriving here at the end of the season. It was a ghost town when I got here. Welcome to traveling solo and not a lot of time to wait. Luck smiles upon the determined. At Café Andino, I meet Val, a [...]

  • Billy Weaver deserves an award.

      Billy Weaver deserves an award. At 4200 meters the air is thin, cold and the landscape surreal. In a middle of nowhere town there is a line of simple lodgings with identical rooms; 6 beds per room, no shower, only a toilet, wash basin and a simple wood burning stove in the middle of [...]

  • Fake My Own Death or Be a Guest?!

    Hello. My name is Charlie and I am addict. I have an addiction problem. I am addicted to the road. I’ve been around the world and back many a times…and all I want is more. The craving is so intense, I’ve turned my world upside and inside out so I may get a fix as [...]

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From the Frontline of Travel, Lust & Adventure