The Mongol Rally
is happening for real! Oh Yeah Baby! Ugh Hum!!!Three strangers who meet on Twitter, Pamela, DJ and I (Team SM Stowaway) will rendezvous in Prague in July and will drive 10,000 treacherous miles (1/3 way around the world), through 14 countries, kiss Dracula hello, swim with Pirates on the Caspian Sea, check out who is guarding the Door to Hell, milk a few yaks to get to Mongolia.The Mongol Rally being the mother of all adventure philanthropy means that we need to raise some serious cash for this years charity, The Lotus Children’s Center.* In addition to the money for charity, we also need to raise money for the cost of actually doing the rally, after all, we at least need bail money and cigarettes (to use as currency of course) incase we end up in a Kazakhstan holding cell!Pamela has arranged for a fantastic fundraiser in Toronto, March 23rd (click here for more details) with great games, lots of booze and fantastic prizes.

Some of the prizes include:

Tour Bundle (Choose ANY three except Machu Picchu) with Urban Adventures
Big East Independent Tour with Moose Travel Network
Olloclip iPhone lens from Olloclip
REI 2-person Tent
Fisheye Camera from Lomography
1-Night Stay in a Deluxe Room with Fairmont Royal York HotelOh yeah, those are some serious prizes.I know, I know, you are in Bangkok, Rome, Bucharest, Sao Paolo, Los Angeles and you can’t be in Toronto for the fundraiser on March 23rd. Fear not, because I’ve got some great news!We want to raise as much money as we can for our charity so we’ve set an aggressive goal of £75,000 (the current record is £59,000, what can I say, we are pretty competitive). We will be raffling off the 15 Day Beautiful Thailand Trip with Intrepid Travel ($1350 value) to all our international friends! Yes, that means even if you are in Iceland hunting sea lions, you can have a chance to dance under the full moon in Thailand with the purchase of a $5 raffle ticket.

1 Ticket — $5 — A decent shot that you will see the giant Buddha Temple!
5 Tickets — $25 — A good chance you will kiss an elephant this year!
100 Tickets — $500 — You must really want to dance under the moonlight in Thailand! Can I meet you there after the rally?

Click Here for Your Raffle Tickets (through April 1): 

Buy some raffle tickets and help us reach our fundrasing goal! Thailand is beautiful anytime of the year!
*Over the past 18 years the Lotus Children’s Center has worked to aid street kids and abandoned babies in Ulan Bator, Mongolia. In the beginning the center worked to give food and basic medical supplies. As the years passed the center started to take in abandoned babies (at the request of Mongolian authorities), and even started a kindergarten. The Lotus Children’s Center aims to give primary care to all of their children. This care includes food, healthcare, clothing and accommodations. The children are given developmental care, a quality education, counseling, building tools and access to life skills.