Charlie Grosso



Spy Travelogue started on a whim—sometimes that is the only way beautifully honest things get made. In its current iteration, Spy Travelogue is an independent, long-form dispatch on art, adventure travel, entrepreneurship, culture, and food, spiced with a dash of love-lust and poetry.

Through it all, the ligament that flexes each muscle group is Story. An artfully crafted story, frankly told: be it the business of selling art in NYC, midnight adrenaline-fueled creativity, rancid canned horse meat, kidnapping in Morocco, or lust for a blue-eyed stranger. Spy Travelogue is a transmission from the front line of living-without-reservation.This is life and travel: art, business, adventure, music, creativity, love/lust, and, everywhere, food.

About Charlie Grosso
Co-founder of a contemporary art gallery in NYC, Brand Consultant, Writer, Photographer, Creative Director, Adventurer, Entrepreneur are just a few of the job titles I practice simultaneously. Constantly shifting from one job to another at times feels like shedding skins and becoming another person. Transformation is constant and never-ending. I have been accused of being a spy more frequently than I care to admit; it happens so frequently, I occasionally wonder if I am a spy with amnesia. I suppose the cameras, multiple passports, and inquisitive mind give me away…read on

Co-conspirator wanted….