Cabin in the woods, Perfect hideaway, by Charlie Grosso

I went into the woods to solve a problem.

Re-invente. Revolution. Ruckus. These R words has been the root motivation. For the art. For the curation. For the life living.

I always thought I was on the outside. Standing on the edge, starting a revolution to move the status quo. What I didn’t know the the wave would fall overhead and bringing me into the fold, welcoming me inside.

I went into the woods to think about the view from the inside.

Counter-culture embraced by the machine, will I becoming the machine?

The trees were silent. The rain pounded on. It didn’t matter. Inside. Outside. None of it matters anymore. With the last sunset these arbitrary lines faded away.

Do the work. Live the life. Make the art. That is the only score we keep. There are no more badges for being on the outside. There are no more secret hand shakes for the inside. It is all one and the same now.

Which means we can finally give up the fight. We can live, simply live, and let it be easy, at last.

Reflection, by Charlie Grosso


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