Today we will move out of our temporary gallery space in Chelsea. Today is the last day of our EPIC endeavor, 6×6, an art version of a music festival, logging in a total of 16 events in 6 weeks.

6×6 has been an incredible experience.

To see the realization of a curatorial vision.
To have the honor of presenting 12 incredible artist’s work, some for the first time in NYC.
To hear the overwhelming positive responses to this new model of an art gallery.
To sell incredible art to enthusiastic collectors who will cherish it and live with it.

At the end of this EPIC 6 weeks, I am exhausted but I also feel like a rock star.

As I stand in the gallery and take one last look around, I want to take a moment and say thank you.

Thank you to all of our dedicated interns: Ariel, Panida, Randy, Steve, Kate, Sophia, Aulden, Erin, Ashton, Raul, Julianna, and Sara. Thank you for every errand, every spackled and re-painted  hole  in the walls, every glass of wine poured, every piece of artwork unpacked and repacked, every dinner served and more. Thank you. 6×6 would not have happened with out you guys and it is as much your achievement as it is ours.

Thank you to my darling friend Riegan for making sure I ate and slept during these weeks, for all the delicious food she catered for our events, for simply being the voice of sanity and for being my constant cheerleader.

Thank you to all of our Kickstarter backers for believing in our vision of something new and helping us fund this epic event.

Thank you to all our sponsors and partners for supporting us to change the status quo.

Thank you to all of our friends who came out week after week to support the shows and for spreading the word.

Most of all, a huge THANK YOU to my partner, Kesha. Thank you for inspiring the idea that we could manage our own artist careers and to take it upon ourselves to be responsible for our own success. If it were not for Kesha and the spark she provided, there would be no Baang and Burne Contemporary. Thank you, Kesha, for saying YES and embarking on this insane adventure with me.

I feel like a rock star today because of all of you.

Thank you.

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