The need for reflection seems to be in the air. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve seen a couple of my beloved friends’ deep, loving eyes well up in tears. Tears of love and sorrow, of regret and longing. During one of these occasions, my friend was in tears because she wants to ask for forgiveness but is unable to do so because of circumstances.

I hugged my friend and offered this thought: What if we forgive ourselves instead?

What if we forgive ourselves for all of those moments when we failed, when we didn’t try hard enough, when we loved ourselves more than we loved another, when we made decisions that we wouldn’t make now or ever again?

We are each our own harshest critic. We constantly judge what we did or didn’t do, what we should and shouldn’t do.

Would. Could. Should.

All of those many woulds, coulds, and shoulds trip us up and tie us to a past that is far from our present or our future.

What if this year, instead of seeking forgiveness from those whom we’ve hurt, we forgave ourselves instead?

What if….

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