In the woods, by Charlie Grosso

There is a giant tree outside. The giant spruce has several friends; they are the first things I see. The spruce, the fog, the marshland. Coffee. Yogurt with blackberry honey from the hippy store and a wood burning stove.

I traded skyscrapers for trees. Pause. Pause and lets have a look around.

Every time H and I meet for dinner, he shakes his head at me and wants to know what is new on the never-ending list of job titles and projects. Art Gallery. Consulting. Photography-Writing. Feminism. Clean Water. Adventure Travel. Did someone say documentary? We repeated this ritual most recently over Korean food in NYC.

“Wanna know a secret H? Synthesis. Synthesis is what I am working on.”

H nods his head slowly at first then emphatically. “I get it. You are not Jack of All Trade, you are working on being the new Human.” He nods approvingly.

That’s a tall order and a big compliment from someone like H. I think I will just focus on the synthesis and let the new human part sort itself out.

Save the Date.

Jan 23, 2014 6-9pm

NYC – One Night ONLY

Come and see synthesis in progress. It will be fun, boozey, arty, with the right amount of insane and a ton of bad-ass!

Standing Still, by Charlie Grosso

As for the rest … I look through my annual running list of highlights & accomplishments (the habit started on a particularly low year). It lists the obvious, awards, new clients, projects completed, gross income, and a lot of unexpected, love meet & lost, new friendship found – old friendship rekindled, baggage shed, moments of epiphany where you see through time & space. The two things that I keep on returning to is you (my darling friends, new & old) and the robbery homicide on the overnight bus. In this kaleidoscopic year that is what I remember the most.

I’m signing off for the year. The days run away … even when you think you’ve got this time and space thing all worked out.

Thank You. Thank you for being here, being a friend and loving me. Happy Holidays and I will see you in NYC on Jan 23rd.

Yours in Adventure…


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