How Much Do I Love You?! Charlie Grosso

Ota (Mongol Rally Vet, 2012) meet me at the Rhinecliff station in NY a couple of Saturday ago. Too many months, too many countries, around the world and back, we meet again at last in upstate NY. Without skipping a beat, we immediately launch right back into anything and everything.

Within minutes we were back on the steeps of Mongolia, the river crossings, the dodgy back alley — and we both light up from the inside.

The rally pulse within me still, except I don’t want to be stuck in yesterday.

So I am off again on May 1 for new countries to stretch my limits, to see with new eyes and continue building this most incredible adventure.

and this time….I need your help.

Wok the Dog, the photographic documentary about food markets around the world is the focus of these next few months of travel. I have been working on this project for too long now and it is time to complete the shooting phase. There are 7 more countries I need to photograph in Africa and South America.

Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya are where I am contemplating but Somalia has also been thrown out into the mix as a possibility which then would put Ethiopia into play as well — ultimately I am fluid and open to suggestions when it comes to Africa. After that I will head for South America (Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador) before I return to NYC for the fall season for the gallery.

If you have spent time in any of those countries, have suggestions, friends in the region, local contacts, fixers….I would love an introduction.

As Wok the Dog winds down, I am in search for what is next. What is the next story?

With a mouthful of a pulled pork sandwich, Paul, who runs a great adventure philanthropy company Road Monkey (check them out — they are pretty cool), told me about the Atacama Desert where old women comb through the desert looking for bone fragments of their loved ones that died under Pinochet. That sounds incredible!

What have you heard rumors of or had a glimpsed on your travels?

Please drop me a line if you have contacts & friends in any of those countries. Tell me what stories or rumor you’ve heard and help me find what is next. If you are in NYC, I’d love to see you before I go. If you are aboard, there is a good chance I will see you on the road soon. Miss you regardless.

Yours in adventure!


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