A couple of weeks ago I spoke on a panel with Ben Lowy (photojournalist. fantastic. funny. award winning) and Ben called photojournalism a bad business model. You are trying to make people looking terriable things happening around the world, things people much rather not look at.
I chcukle to myself in silent agreement.
12 years in advertising, attempting to be a photographer and a creative director with a soul. 3 years as founder and director of an art gallery in NYC curating with a social political subtext. A life time of trying to get people to care a little bit more about ….something. Maybe this pre-occupation with trying to start a conversation, move the needle forward just a little and make it count is preposterous.
Synthesis is the word that’s been plaguing me. I feel a course correction coming on and immeminent. In which direction, how, big adjustment or minor, I can’t say. New adventures are already in the works…Somalia, Rwanda, driving through the length of India from end to end…..
But before any of that, I have another audacious proposition.
Tomorrow, as Executive Director of Baang + Burne Contemporary, I am presenting Sophia Wallace’s latest installation work, CLITERACY: 100 Natural Laws at Scope NYC. An issue centric work to a money focused market place. *Gasp!*
I believe in this work. Ultimately I believe in this fool-hearty business model, Ben, myself and many of you have dedicated our lives to. If you are in NYC, come and see the work. I’d be happy to add you to our guest list, just drop me a line.
Booth A09
312 W 33rd St. NYC
March 6 – VIP & Press Preview 3-9p
March 7-10 – General Admin 11-8p
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