Beyond Wonderlust - The New Nomad by Travel + Escape - Charlie Grosso


I’m on TV (kind of)!

Travel + Escape (the Canadian Travel Channel) created a new web series, The NewNomad, and I am the star of Episode 5 (click on the image above to play).

The spotlight is on and I should feel super human…this is should be a glowing note of  “Look at Me!”

…Except I feel anything but.

The very distinctive possibility of losing my Dad has made every accomplishment insignificant, hard to celebrate.

You thought they were disappointed because you are not an accountant, a lawyer, a doctor. You insisted on going your own way, make career choices they don’t understand, travel to strange places they can’t find on a map. You say you inherited the stubbornness. You made peace with having been a disappointment. What you didn’t know is the refusal to color inside the lines made them more proud than if you are a lawyer-doctor-banker.

Thank you Dad.

Thank you for letting me go enough to become a multi-track career hybrid whose life is worthy of 5 minutes of television.