Telecom Square, Russia, by Charlie Grosso


For a woman with a world domination agenda and a sever case of wanderlust, staying put never is valid option. I have traveled far and wide and I spend equal amount of time on the road as I do in my home city. People ask all the time if I ever get lonely on the road,  if it is hard to run my business while traveling all the time. In the current uber connected age, anything is possible. Armed with an Internet cafe, a WiFi connection at the hotel or hostel and there is nothing I can’t do.

I had to figure out how to stay connected during last years Mongol Rally, an epic overland drive from London, UK to Ulaanabaatar, Mongolia. How does one roam across the world, run an art gallery back in NYC and keep the consulting practice as well?

Telecom Square came to the rescue.

With their generous sponsorship, I was equipped with several small-ish devices that allowed me to connect to the Internet via cellular network (and there is cell phone receptions just about everywhere in the world). These tiny devices from Telecome Square is a dream come true!

With 3G / 4G speed connection, I was able to manage Skype conference calls, send out update via all social media channels, check emails and send in all my writing deadlines on time!

See a short clip of The Mongol Rally Adventure and how far into nowhere I ventured (and still had a decent internet connection thanks to Telecom Square):

*Image above: everyone huddles around the magical device from Telecom Square to check emails and book exit flights in our last town in Russia while we wait for car repairs.