Ulaanabaatar, Mongolia, 2012, from series, Fetal Position and Drool, by Charlie Grosso

Part of “Fetal Position and Drool” and ongoing travelogue


A long long time ago….okay, more like July of 2009….

I was leaving Los Angeles on a one-way ticket for Mexico City, no itinerary, no return, no idea of what is next. Everything I owned was in storage. The home I built with my love of six-years exploded in the most spectacular way possible months prior. The recession left all freelancers with nothing but time to consider what the f*ck we were doing with our careers. I have been living in my best friends house (thank god for sisterhood) all summer long. The thought of leaving the four walls of her bedroom, unleash myself from everything and get on the flight for Mexico City took the breath out of me. To just go, never return, and simply disappear was a distinctive possibility that I didn’t dare to utter aloud to anyone.

Home has always been an illusive concept.

But now I am literally home-less.

I noticed the light on the bed the morning of my flight and I shot it with my Blackberry. Easy peasy, nothing to it. I send the image to a friend, the only person that might had an inkling of how close I was to let go, invent a new alias, as goodbye.

Then the emails came.

“How are you? Where are you? Tell me you are okay.” Every few days I would get an email from him.

Some days I didn’t have words for my friend. So I would take a picture of the bed I slept in and send it to him. A way to say, hey, I’m still here.

So it began Fetal Position and Drool.

Four years and hundreds of beds later….from five-star hotels, to bunk-beds in hostels, to hammocks on the beach, to sleeping bags in freezing cold tents, home ceases to be a specific place and a specific person. Home became a state of mind, a broadening of the consciousness. Home is where I am; the farther I wander, the more at home I feel.

I am excited to announce the début exhibit of Fetal Position and Drool as part of En Foco: New Works/Crossing Boundaries. There are still a few more limited edition prints of the very first image from that July morning available for the special experimental price (as per late Nov email) of $25 / Ed. 100. Click here to purchase.

Please join me for the opening reception of Fetal Position and Drool

Jan 9, 2013, 7-9pm
BRIC Gallery
33 Clinton St
Brooklyn, NY 11201
2, 3, 4, 5 Train to Borough Hall / N, R Train to Court St.

Fetal Position and Drool is an ongoing travelogue of the different incarnation of home and dedicated to all of the nomadic travelers.

*Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 2012, 4x4inch, edition of 10, $350 // 11x11inches, edition of 3, $650

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