Early Morning Istanbul by Charlie Grosso


This has been an amazing year to say the least…lots of travels, epic amount of adventures, love, friends, chocolate cake, sloppy kisses, single malt, Ah-HA moments and countless nights spent in a freezing tent.

I felt in love with the middle of nowhere in a way I never thought it was possible and now I return to nowhere.

A cabin in the woods with endless sky, wool socks and coffee, in an undisclosed location to sleep, dream, plot, be quiet and think.

Have a most wonderful holiday season wherever you are. You made my year special — it would make both of us blush if I were to recount the ways, so lets just say that your love and friendship is super important to me. I am incredibly grateful.

I will be back after Jan 7th, when I am a little bit older (birthday Jan 3rd – presents welcome!), hopefully still full of mischief and I will be ready to create magic with you then.

Thank you for being here.

Until soon…..


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