All the beds I have slept in

Selling art is a funny business. The business becomes slightly ludicrous in many ways when photography is the primary medium. Print Making and Photography are designed to create endless multiples, an infinite supply of the same image, creating an overwhelming abundance of art. The endless supply disrupts the scarcity model of art selling which is where the practice of editions comes in. There will only be so many copies of X at X size and etc. Edition size and price are tied in close correlation.

Fetal Position and Drool will be on exhibit for the first time this January at the BRIC Gallery in Brooklyn. I am both scared and excited about this upcoming installation. Fetal Position makes me vulnerable in a way that I am not sure I am entirely comfortable with…yet. But the work is ready and I hope the installation will translate.

I always enjoy a good experiment, so in celebration of the upcoming début of Fetal Position, I bring you Christmas early.

“Studio City, CA, 2009 ” is special.

Studio CIty, CA, USA, 2009, part of Fetal Position and Drool

It is the very first image in the series, the beginning of it all, and it will be part of the exhibit at BRIC Gallery, opening January 9th, 2013.

I normally like to keep the edition of my work for sell really small and prices high. Between now and January 9th, I am offering this image at an extremely affordable price, $25 in a larger than normal edition of 100.

“Studio City, CA, 2009,” from series Fetal Position and Drool
4 x 4” – Edition of 100 – $25
Archival Pigment Print

Click here to purchase.

There will be no more editions of “Studio City, CA, 2009, ” in any sizes available for sale, during the exhibit, or ever again.

All other images from Fetal Position is offered in two sizes:
4×4” – Edition of 10 – $350
11×11” – Edition of 3 – $650

I personally love matting and framing small works such as these up to bigger than normal. I recommend these 4×4” to be matted up to 14×14”— it is a gorgeous presentation. It is intimate, draws you in and makes everything go quiet.