I drive through kilometer after kilometers of bad roads. The heat softens the sealed asphalt road and the weight of the big semi-trucks leaves giant tire grooves on the road. Trying to drive either in between the grooves just right so I don’t scrape the undercarriage of the car takes a lot of attention and focus.

Occasionally there is a secondary road that runs parallel to the main road, unpaved, loose gravel and dirt. The boys and I alternates driving on the main bumpy road and eating dirt on the secondary road. At times, I feel like I am in “The Italian Job” and driving a mini-cooper.

We pull off the main road attempting to find a campsite for the night. With Peter and Darian in the lead, we head into the flat land only to bottom out on soft sand and having to dig ourselves out.

We camp in the middle of nowhere Turkmenistan, under the stars and a full moon tonight. Everyone is on a different schedule and a slightly different route. I don’t know how much longer this four-some will last but I hope it won’t be long before I see them again!

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