Vintage Mint Green Heels by Charlie Grosso

Before I started traveling alone as a women, I had concerns, concerns about safety, about being a woman on the road. After having traveled the world on my own, I am no longer worried about being a solo woman traveler.
However The Mongol Rally is a different story. I wanted to know if it is wise to tackle this epic overland drive with an all women team. Sherry Ott, now a rally veteran assured me that being an all women team would actually come in handy. Everyone is going want to help you she says.

As Sherry and I are hanging out in Istanbul, having a lot of Young Jedi – Yoda sessions about what is to come and what I should mentally prepare myself for. We zoned in on the fact that I am a woman and what would be the best way to ensure we get all the help we need on the road. Of course inappropriate attire became the center of our focus. Sherry thinks I should take on the next 10,000 miles in a bikini and army boots. We would walk by store windows and see outfits that are far from what I would normally travel in.

How far should I go? Should I test out Lipstick Feminism in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and tap into all of my powers? Would people mistake me for a prostitute? Or would us pulling into cities, towns and gas station in a tiny car covered in stickers and a out of place dress make us so outrageous people will want to talk to us and help us?

A candy stripper outfit complete with cherry print tops?

Candy Stripper Outfit by Charlie Grosso
A 20’s black dress with silver sequence?

Vintage 20's Flapper Dress with Sequences by Charlie Grosso

A vintage red silk dress?

Vintage Red Silk Dress by Charlie Grosso
Or should I stay modest and appropriate, in my standard issue olive green pants, t-shits and ready to cover myself up with a scarf to refrain from attracting too much attention as I normally do?

Tell me your thoughts! Dress me for The Mongol Rally!

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