Sometimes blogging can be a lonely practice. You sit alone and you write. You login, cut, paste, center images, change aspect ratio, spell check, SEO, and hit post. There are comments, feedbacks and you obsess over your Google analytics to see what your stats are and there is comfort in those numbers.

But what do those numbers really mean and is it really making a dent in the Universe?

Everyone is talking about great content. Producing great, outstanding content is what will set you apart from all the other blogs writing on the similar topic and your community is your real asset. Your tribe will tell you what they want to read and if what you are doing is worthwhile. You read about it and you wonder, sure that sounds logical but is it really true? Does it really work that way? Is it really making a dent out there in the world?

I woke up this morning to this note in my inbox:

Dear Friend Charlie,

How are you? I hope all things are well with you by the grace of God. There is no words for me to say thanks to you, that you gave a post about me on travel website and It is so helpful for me… So I really really thankss…………. a lot to you for your post and your recommendations about me..  It is also a part of my success because  I get recommendations by this post.  Many tourists come to me by this post… If it is possible I will love to see you again. and I wanna show you all of rajasthan with me. I like to drive with you… pls pls try if it is possible. Dont worry about anything.. I’ll arrange everything from my side so pls come.


thanks….for everything

Janu from Jaipur

I had written a post about Janu and his entrepreurial spirit when I had meet him in India last summer.

It made my day to wake up to this lovely email from him.

Sometimes all it takes is a Thank You to make someone else’s day.

“Hey, Thanks for showing up and for being you. You rock my world.” – That is not too much effort but it can someon’s day.

Who rocked your world today? Who can you call, text or email and tell them so? Go on, pick up the phone and tell them so.

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