As a gallery director, I’ve looked a ton of work from artists seeking representation, taken a good deal of meetings and done a fair amount of studio visits. I talk to artists all the time and I tend to ask them the same questions. Surprisingly, 99% of them have the same answers and there is something wonderful in seeing the universality of desires.

An artist surprised me for the first time in a recent meeting. He would like to be apart of Baang + Burne and as he is pitching, he said, “I am coming to the table to play.”

I’ve never heard that sentiment expressed from any artists I’ve meet with before.

I know it seems like a no brainer, of course you would like to be successful, but I’ve never heard any artists declare their ambition and what they will do for it. There is something magnificent about the way this artist declared his intention. “Yes. I am showing up and I am here to do whatever it takes.”

Will you show up to play, are you in it to win it?

If you are ready to show up to play there is a spot for you with Baang + Burne Contemporary. We are currently seeking talented, ambitious artists to add to our roster. Click here for details.