What a year.
What a hard, stressful, infuriating, blessed, expanding, adventure filled, generous, trying, challenging, orgasmic, mind blowing 365 days.

6 group shows, 3 solo exhibits and 1 big country completed for Wok the Dog.

A new book is in motion and Wok the Dog is getting closer and closer to becoming the book I dream up so many years ago.

I lost a few friends last year and made many more new ones. I wish I could lavish kisses upon those who I cannot longer reach but I sure am glad you are here with me.

Tears diluted my coffee on occasion. Your love made me smile ALWAYS and I felt you in the sacred truth of my heart.

As we stand on the transition of endings and beginnings, here are a few words from friends that have struck a chord with me:

Tricia suggested maybe what we need is to fail harder.
Fail. Fail harder. We will fail harder so we can success beyond our wildest dreams. Okay. Done and done.

Danielle LaPorte bid me to invoke this little prayer:
We are here now
to give witness
to a shared truth
that absolutely everything is progress
that we have all that
we need
that brilliance is unfolding
here and now
and so it is.
now, let’s rock it.

And finally my dear friend Steve Almond (a fantastic author…one of my favorite and one you absolutely should read) commands that we
“Go forth and love unreasonably!”

If you are getting this, it is because I want you to bare witness to my promise.
It is because I will stand with you, your hand in mine and rock it out.
If you are getting this, it is because I love you unreasonably so.

Happy endings and glorious new beginnings….

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