I see this tweet Friday morning from @ottsworld, “Wonder how many #MeetPlanGo tickets I can sell if I stand outside of NYC subway during rush hr w/ a sign “Hate Your Job?”

Sherry Otts is the incredible woman behind @ottsworld and the co-founder of Meet, Plan, Go, which helps people who are interested in taking a long-term sabbatical from their careers. Sherry and I found each other to be kindred spirits and bonded instantly over traveling and our insatiable desires to push our boundaries.

I reply to @ottsworld’s tweet with a “Yes! I think that is brilliant! Do it!” The next thing you know, Sherry and I are on a Skype chat discussing which NYC subway stops would be the best for this random PR stunt.

It is always easier to undertake adventures of any kind when you have a partner in crime. Maybe it is Darwinian. It is simply easier to survive when you are paired up and know that you are not in the predicament alone.

Fast forward to Monday morning. Sherry, Michaela, Riegan and I are in business attire standing outside of the Chambers Street PATH exit in downtown Manhattan, with a sign that says “Sick of your job? Ready for a break?” and flyers in hand for the upcoming Meet, Plan, Go event in NYC.

This is the most interesting marketing survey I’ve ever conducted.

Only two people out of the hundreds that walk by say they like their jobs. One woman says, “Oh I should take one for my friend, well maybe one for me too…Maybe I should take some for the whole office.”

As I stood there I can’t help but notice the look of misery on the faces of the commuters who are on their way to work. Interestingly, the people who look the most miserable are the ones who avoid looking at the signs, the flyers and us. We stand there with flyers in our hands, an offering of something different than their routine and those who look like they can use it the most avoid it all together.

I look at the incredible women standing next to me, Riegan, Michaela, and Sherry, all dressed in business attire with impressive skills and expertise and I am filled with admiration for them. I admire them for their courage to forgo the corporate route. I admire them for having the wisdom to know that being the master of their own lives is far more important than trading their powers for perceived security.

Thank you ladies for being my partners in living an extraordinary life.

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