Thursday night during the opening reception of Flesh + Bone I meet an interesting guy, Tim. Tim, ex-gallery world hustler turned logistics guru, who still attends openings and art fairs is now in support services for the business of art.

Tim comes into the gallery again on Saturday to have another look at Flesh + Bone.

The conversation meanders from gardening, to the standard snobbish treatment one encounters when walking into a gallery, to colonialism, to his art blog (which is under construction.)

For his art blog, Tim aims to rate the art exhibits he attends against randomly aired re-run episodes of The George Lopez Show.

What? I don’t understand.

“I want to rate the art shows against a random episode of The George Lopez Show and see which one has more meaning and leaves a slightly deeper impact. So many art shows I see are devoid of substance that I would have been better off watching an episode of The George Lopez Show.” Tim explains.

I laugh so hard at this point I am nearly in tears.

“WOW. Tell you what; I will make you a bet. We are presenting 6 shows in 6 weeks. You come to every one of our shows for the next 6 weeks and measure it against George Lopez. If the majority of our shows are better, you buy us a drink. If we lose, the drink is on us.”

So far we are 1 in 0.

There are still a few more days left for you check out Flesh + Bone in person. We are showing at 547 W 27th St #309 for the duration of 6×6, which runs through October 18th.  You can see images of the installation process, opening reception and the exhibit here.

On Thursday, we open Talking to Myself. The opening reception is from 6 to 8pm. Come and see if we can go two for two in this Ultimate Fighting NYC Style of Art vs George Lopez match.