A type A overachiever fell in love with this phrase, “perpetually in the middle of the beginning.” I don’t remember where I read it, but I love it.

What if we perceived every stage of our lives as perpetually in the middle of the beginning instead of a cut and dry, beginning, middle and end?

Everything will come to its eventual conclusion, be it a project, a painting, an adventure, business, or even marriage. But before it comes to an end, the beginning of something else is already starting to take root, even if you can’t see it. We are never left without the budding idea of what is next, or what could be next. One event flows into another, overlapping and interlacing itself, without you even noticing it.

This concept is hard for us Type A personalities, especially when we like measureable results. What if the result is not based on the performance of the previous project but on the quality of the next project it opens us up to? What if it is about how much bigger we can dream next? What if we see life as one continuous perpetual adventure of which we are always in the middle of the beginning?  One adventure rolls into the next on an endless continuum.

A year ago today, fueled by a lifelong diet of Rock and Roll and 70’s Feminism, Kesha Bruce and I launched an unconventional art gallery, Baang and Burne Contemporary.

A week from today, we will open 6×6, an EPIC art festival we’ve been planning for the last 9 months. The first show is Flesh +Bone, featuring new photography, by me, and bronze sculptures, by Ed Smith.

We are at the end of nearly a year of preparation and are in the middle of the beginning of actual shows and events. Before we are done with 6×6, we will know what we want to do for the next 9 months, we are at an endless continuum of beginnings.

Join us at the opening reception for Flesh + Bone, kick off this EPIC 6×6, and celebrate the beginning of the next adventure with us.

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