Occasionally I like to play a game of “What if…?”

What if I quit being a photographer? What if I quit being an art gallery director? What if I simply quit? What I got a 9-5 as an art director for an ad agency instead? What if I married the next guy and became a stay at home mom? What if …?

The one thing that is crucial to understand when you play the “What if” game is the impulse within.

It wouldn’t matter what form of art I choose to practice. I will always have the desire to turn it into my livelihood, my career.

If I went and worked at an ad agency as a creative, within 6 months I would be trying to figure out how to start my own agency.

If I was a stay at home wife,  I would try to find a way to turn all the baking and cooking into a business of some sort.

There will always be that whisper in the heart that drives you towards being the thing that you are. A creative. An entrepreneur. A problem solver.

The important thing is to understand the essence of the impulse and not get stuck on the specifics.

Focus on what / who you want to be instead of what you want to have.
Things are just things, ask Ev Bogus if he really misses his things.

Its good to play the “What if” game once in a while. It helps you imagine bigger and better. It helps you determine if the life you are living is the one you WANT to be living. It helps you get clear.

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