The host at my hostel kindly offered to have his cook take me to the poultry shop.

The poultry shop is small and only a stack of eggs is on display.

To the side of the shop, there is a small, closet-sized space where the chicken in cages are kept, and that is also where the killing and cleaning are done.

I’ve seen this before. But I am a little surprised at how hidden it is. Just then I look up and see a picture of Ghandi.

I return to the hostel and the host inquires if I’ve found something of interest in the poultry shop, if there is something I’ve not seen before.

I shrug and say, ‘The killing is not new but I do think having a picture of Ghandi up in the store is a little hypocritical.”

My host laughs a big belly laugh and says, ‘This is India, Anything is possible!”


What do you think Ghandi would do? Free the chickens that are made to watch their brothers be bled and torn to bits in front of their tiny black eyes?! Tell me your thoughts in the comments below…..

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