I have a confession to make.

I think I am afraid of commitment.

Lets examine the evidence.  The first giveaway is my inability to stay still and be in one place for too long. The second would be that I have not had a pet (not even a goldfish) since college; house plants don’t count.

I crave the excitement of the new and unknown. I am addicted to challenges and overcoming them. I am have an insatiable desire to continuously expand, grow and live a life that is free and limitless.

I perceive commitments as a hindrance, a limitation to these desires and addictions.

We believe that fear is something to overcome. A negative that needs to be made into a positive or simply removed altogether.

Here is the radical thought. What if fears are not something that need to be removed and righted? What if the act of acknowledging them is enough in itself. Much like AA programs, acknowledge the problem and from there on, you silently keep track of the decisions you make with the new information in mind.

We acknowledge the fear, stop making decisions based on the fear, then little by little the fear lets go of us.

What if this is simply allowing for more? A change of mindset and a belief that commitment does not need to limit and confine. To allow for BOTH AND – to have your cake and eat it too.

I am gonna practice this for a while and see what happens. No, I am not going to get a goldfish, my pet cemetery is quite extensive already.

Tell me about your fears. Tell me your thoughts on my radical proposition.

*after all, what is the point of having cake if you can’t eat it?!

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