We are raised with a the idea that there are certain things that we are supposed to do on a giant check list. Go to school, get a degree, pick a profession, fall in love, get married, buy a house, have babies and on and on…You know the list.

When traveling, invariably there are spots that you hit and activities that you part take because it is part of the ‘must’ do list. Our above average intelligence, the comparative ease of food and shelter and our incredibly long life expectancy has lead us in search of more than just food and shelter.

I shared a meal and a conversation with a fellow traveler (British, mid to late 20’s) in Sepilock and something he said struck me. He said “everyone has mid-life crisis right? So I am hoping that by doing all of this, I can avoid it.”

Living your life via the check list of TO DOs does not guarantee you happiness. Not everyone has a “mid-life crisis” nor is backpacking around the world a for sure way of preventing one.

Are you living your life by your own TO DO list or someone else?
May I suggest that you craft a TO DO that is tailor made for you and no one else?

…That is what I will be working on between Christmas and my 32nd birthday….care to join me?

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