Leave the crowd, the tourists, the backpackers. Stray as far from them as possible and do something that is not recommended in the guide books. I promise you it will be rewarding and some of your best travel memories.

In Morocco, I took a collective taxi and went to a tiny town 50KM outside of the main town and saw hundreds of sheep on sale for Eid. In Amman, my traveling mates and I bought some beer and sat on top of the roof in candle light and chatted about nothing. An evening spend in some excellent company far away from any touristy thing. In Cameron Highlands, a friend and I skipped the tea plantations, strawberry farms and rode a motorbike through the country side.

These are some of my favorite moments. Moments spent in good company, created by your own initiative and far away from the must see spots. Don’t get me wrong, there are certain things that one must do, after all how could you be in Cairo and not see the Pyramids? But time spend away from the maddening crowd, outside the guide books and experience a place, event, that exists for the locals and not for you is always a good idea.

How does a strawberry pluck itself?! What does it do with the feathers?!

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