Dec 10, 2010
Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

I am short on words today, instead here are some highlights from the market this morning:

Puffer Fish! Not too fresh but it is still kinda cute and deadly…


Tuna. 7RM per Kilo ($2USD+). The fishmonger told me that this one is about 10 Kilos, which means that this giant fish is about 70RM / $22 USD. That seems ridiculously cheap! I wanted to hold up the fish myself but I think the guy didn’t quiet understand me so…
Malaysian are not too picky about their chickens and meat. Sometimes there are a section of the market where live chickens are available. But fot the most part, the poultry at the market are already dead and naked. Which means that they were pre-processed at a slaughter house somewhere before ending up at market. The same with the beef. There is a section where larger portions are available but these frozen, pre-processed meat is everywhere. I am not certain why there seems to be a variation in practice but I do wonder if it is a result of years of European imperial influence.
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