Dec 8, 2010
Georgetown, Malaysia

Before I arrived in Malaysia, I was excited by the prospect of the markets. Malaysia’s population is made of Malay, Indians and Chinese. With the inter-mix of different cultures and religion, the markets ought to be excellent. When I first arrived in the markets of Kuala Lumpur, the thrill was less then. The markets seem so familiar from the various Asian markets that I have photographed previously.

I took a deep breath and dived in anyways. What a strange place! Indian butchers selling beef and proudly dragging out the cow head so I can have a photo of it. (The cow heads are sold to make soup with, the entire head. The butcher said they chop it up to smaller chunks for the buyer. The head pictured here sells for about 50RM / 18USD as its a smaller head.) Muslims walking through the isles and simply ignoring the pork that is for sale. The Chinese, well, we eat pretty much anything and everything so all is fair game.

The tolerance and acceptance of another culture and tradition that is on display at the market is amazing.
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