August 16, 2010
New York City
Elevation: 80M

Fellow conspirator Chris Guillebeau and I both use the language of World Domination. We talk about setting big goals and achieving the impossible. We both talk about dedicating ourselves to living an extraordinary life.

I think the tasks ahead is huge and World Domination won’t come easily. I know what I want to achieve externally, out there, in the world at large. But that got me thinking, what about the world within? Defining World Domination in the external world is not exactly easy but do-able. I want to achieve….then you list your set of big goals and more. Just as there is a difference between the public and the private, there is the world at large and there is world within. What does world domination of the inner world entail?

One will never really achieve external World Domination without sorting out a few things in the mindset. To come from a place of abundance and not scarcity. To act from a place of inspiration and not fear. To over come all of our previous conditioning and unlearn all of our negative patterns. Yet as we set our goals for external World Domination and work towards it every day, I wonder how often we think about World Domination of our other worlds?

Have we set big goals for our private world? Do we pursue these big goals for the private life that we share with our friends and loved ones with the same vigor and enthusiasm? What about our inner world? The world where its just you and for you alone?

Can we have true World Domination without having conquered all of our domains? Can we be the benevolent ruler that we promise to be without overhauling and recreating all paradigms?

What will your inner World Domination be?

*Frida Kahlo, The Two Fridas.

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