June 8, 2010
Havana, Cuba
Elevation: 0km
Humidity: oh air conditioning, how I love thee!

I am headed back to my casa after an unproductive few hours with my friend. Our next shoot is not scheduled until tomorrow afternoon and there are a few things that needs to be flushed out between now and then. We have the expected fatigue and some time away from each other is really the best thing.

Half a block away from the casa I see my housemate Chris and he is talking to a woman sitting outside of her house. At first they were talking about rationing and then he asked her about this book that she was holding. It is an 8″x10″ book and only has maybe 20 pages to it. She tells us the book is for playing the lottery. We look through it and we don’t understand how it works. There are words in bold lettering, followed by a long paragraph of random words. For example, the bold letter: big cat, then the paragraph of that follows would list words like police, corn, tree, rice, trash and etc etc. The last few pages of the book looks a bit like an index. Words are listed and then numbers follow. The lady tells us something about sleep and dreaming.

We don’t understand so we ask our casa owner. He tells us that the lottery is illegal and organized by someone in the neighborhood. They watch the nightly news and the news would announce a winning lottery number in Miami and that number would be the winning number (pay out is 1:75). But what are the words for? Or the long paragraph of words that follows? Each word equals a number and that is the number you place the bet on. If you dream of the police, then you should use bet on the number that equals big cat. This is a book that decode your dreams for you in order to lead you to the winning lottery number!
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