March 11, 2010
Elevation (highest point) 80meters

I had a conversation discussing my work and long term project “Wok the Dog” today with NYMPHOTO. Rona Chang asked quiet a few interesting questions about the series, taking the conversation beyond what is already available in my press release and artist statement. For all of my friends and loyal followers who have heard the same spiel over and over again, there are some new bits of this and that in this interview.

Nymphoto is a collective of women in photography that provides a supportive community for its artists and strives to send a positive message to the creative world. Nymphoto is a trusted and innovative resource for women photographers. Nymphoto firmly believes in the power of community; and through this principle, we hope to equalize the gender imbalance that continues to exist in the art world today. In a society where the zeitgeist encourages ambivalence, Nymphoto hopes to mobilize the art world through good old-fashioned girl power, and aims to achieve goals as unbelievable as the stuff in Greek myths.

The conversation is available at:

A great warm thanks to Rona and NYMPHOTO for including me in the their long roaster of distinguished and talented photographers who have been part of “Conversation.” Also, thanks for including so many images, I am honored. 

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