Aug 12, 2009
Masaya, Nicaragua

I take the first bus out from Lago de Apoyo to the market at Masaya. It is chaos as always. A beautiful chaos today and I am super excited, albeit exhausted.

There are there two live chicken/poultry vendors next to each other. One is separated from the other by a few stools and nothing more. I watch two chickens, tied to each other at the feet, struggle and escape the box that they were in. They attempt to wonder, or at least, one of them tries while the other doesn't understand that its in a 3 legged race. A man from the next "shop" comes over, sees the escaped chickens, picks them up and hands them to his wife, giving her a hard time about not keeping a better eye on the poultry. She has one look and tells him that those are not their chicken and hands them back to her neighbor.
Charlie Grosso

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