Aug 17, 2009
Little Corn, Nicaragua

This is not the first time this has happened. My brain hear the ocean and it automatically shuts off. All critical thinking stops. I am on a Caribbean island and the type A personality has meet its kryptonite. All I want to do is not move, read and stare at the ocean. I guess I don’t need to be exhausted in order to stop.


I had to visit the doctor here on Little Corn. I needed some antibiotics. I have been out of the loop as to major news events for the last 7 weeks now. Every now and again, I get to browse through the New York Times headlines so at least I have some idea as to what is going on in the world, even if I don’t get to read anything in depth. I know there is a health care debate going on in the US and I am very interested as I am one of the millions who are uninsured. This Caribbean island is POOR. The locals are living in one room shacks here on this island. But a visit to the doctor is FREE, getting antibiotics is FREE. Not just for the locals, but even for gringos like me. WTF? How is this possible for a nation like Nicaragua but it is IMPOSSIBLE to get any basic health care like this in a nation such as the US?

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