July 18, 2009
San Crisotbal De Las Casas, Mexico
Elevation 2349m

The market today was incredible, bright and lively. I think my favorit thing might be how the women tie the chickens by their feet and wear them around their wrists like they are some sort of bracelets as they stand there selling them. I had a little trouble shooting at the market today. I have encountered resistence before to being photographed, but today it seemed harder. For the most part, if they really don´t want their picture taken, I respect that and I walk away. I have read and heard a bit about how the indigenous tribes here in Chiapas do not like their photos taken so I purposely left the Hasselblad and only went out with the Xpan. I thought maybe a smaller camera would let me fly under the radar a bit more (Yes, me, unnoticed as the only Asian in town.) It was difficult today. I would try to pull focus at something that was close to them but not them and then pan back to them and see if I can pull the shot off, this usually works decently in the pass, but not so much today. I ended up shooting a lot of the same frame hoping that maybe there would be one that would work. I have a feeling that I am going to end up with a lot of out of focused frames here.

Tomorrow I will head out to a near by town where market day is supposed to draw a great crowd from all the villages. I imagine it would be even harder then. But I have to at least try.

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