July 7, 2009
Mexico City, Mexico

Its been an very pleasant day, in fact, maybe one of my best days here so far. But as the afternoon gets late, I am tired and just want to go back to the apt for a little while. So I opted for a cab ride home instead of taking the metro during rush hour.

I get back to the apt, half way undressed, thinking about either a shower or a nap, maybe both when I realized that I have lost my blackberry. OMG!!! Sheer panic that sets in! I rummage through my backpack, NOTHING! I call Rebecca and have her call the cafe where I was at last, although I am pretty convinced that I have left it in the cab. The thought of being w/o my blackberry is unbearable when I am in the States, much less now when its my life line! Its not at the cafe, Rebecca calls me back. She then calls my 310 number hoping that someone will answer. The cab driver picks up and says that he will bring the phone back to me in 30 mins.

So I go downstairs, waiting at the curb w/ such anticipation and worry that I am reminded of my mom telling me the story of my first day of school. Of how she waited so eagerly at the bus stop in the afternoon for my return. The sheer anxiety. Yes, I do realize that I have just compared my feelings for my blackberry to that of my mother towards me, her only child.
In the mean time, the security guard at Eric's apt where I am staying starts to tell me something about the apt. The best I could make out is that the bathroom is leaking and its leaking down into the apt below. Ok, so we call Rebecca again to translate and see if they would like to come up to the apt regarding the leak.

Now I am in the apt w/ the maintance guy and guard, and I automatically pull the door to my room shut as there are stuff EVERYWHERE. We now discover that there is no water in the apt. Great! I am getting anxious as we are approaching the half hour mark for the promised return of my phone. I put my hand on the door knob to my room only to find that its LOCKED! Of course I don't have a key to this particular door! OH MY GOD!!! Ok, so now I am climbing through the window into my room from the balcony of the apt which by the way is on the fourteenth floor.

Alright, with the door open and reward money in hand for the return of my phone, we all go back downstairs. One thing at a time here. Miraculously, the cab pulls up 5 min past the promised half an hour and hands me back my blackberry. I gladly hand him 100 pesos in gratitude, and thank the lord!!!

Now, there is still no water in the apt and tomorrow I have a meeting w/ a gallery regarding a potential exhibit here in DF. I am a mess and would very much so like a shower before I attend to my meeting tomorrow afternoon. But all is right w/ the world because I have my blackberry in hand and there is nothing I can't do!

Charlie Grosso



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