July 22, 2009

Antigua, Guatemala

Elevation 1500m

I don't have religion but I have faith. I think those two are very different things. I don't support most kinds of organized religions because well…needless to say, they can cause much trouble for many, on many different levels. Yet, I have been to places of worship for all different kinds of religion and faith, current and ancient. Why are we drawn to them, even if we do not subscribe to their point of view? Is it because its a piece of history? Is it because its beautifully crafted? Is it because we wish to understand what motivated those to kill, to preach, to save, to create, in the name of their god? I don't know…

Some days, I think of these places as places of faith and not as house of god. I think of these places as evidence that all of those who believe or would like to believe (irrespective to my differences to their particular belief.) Maybe that is why we are drawn to them. No matter how cynical we are, I think we would still like to believe in something, anything. Even if we only have conviction in the power of our cynicism and pragmatism, that is still faith in something.

* I would post pictures here but I am having much trouble w/ the PCs in town. I will try again later though.

Charlie Grosso



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