July 6, 2009

Mexico City, Mexico

I went out this evening to a local cantina with a friend of a friend, an ex-pat of 15 years. He knew the bartender and some of the patrons. Pepe is a local and a friend of my friend. We are a couple of drinks in and talking about how I plan on visiting the museum of anthropology tomorrow after I am done w the markets.

Pepe then offered up his theory of "evolution." From what I could understand, and Pepe spoke the Queen's language well, that he does not believe in Darwin per se, but that there are big planets and small planets. On the big planets, there are very evolved humans who could levitate, practice tele-kenethisis, and alike and they are the ones who reproduce. Earth is too small of a planet for us humans to have evolved from a single celled organism to where we are this fast in such short span of time. Pepe does not believe that there is a missing link.

Pepe believes that we are put here on earth by the humans on the big planets. They drop humans off on other planets and are doing so w the hopes that we will be able to populate other smaller planets in time. But Pepe does not think we will be able to do that because earth is too small of a planet and that we have major disasters coming that will end life on earth. Pepe is predicting a north american tsunami that will take place north of Oregon state.

All the mean while, there is a drunken Mexican lady next to me at the bar, yelling to no one in particular, or yelling at my new ex-pat friend from time to time.

There is always something surreal just beneath the surface.

Charlie Grosso