July 4, 2009

Mexico City, Mexico

Elevation 2240 Meters

Market day. One in particular has all manners of animals for sale. Chickens and various varieties of poultry, baby chicks, pigeons, goats, turkey, rabbits, puppies, kittens, turtle, iguanas, finches and other birds, mice, rats, guinea pigs. Lots and lots of animals all alive and in cages.

Now I am getting confused. Are these animals for sale or for eating? The chicken, poultry and goats seems like they would be for food but the puppies and kittens doesn't seem to be quiet for the Mexican palate. So, I call my friend Rebecca and ask her if she could ask the shop keepers what is the purpose of these animals, food or pets. I hand the phone over to a man who was just trying to sell me a chicken moments before and patiently wait for the answer.

Apparently, the man had told Rebecca, the animals are for whatever you want, dinner or pets. What is most important is that they are fresh.

Charlie Grosso



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