By Mr. Brainwash

Jan 22, 2009
Los Angeles, CA

Finally, we have entered a new era…(phew…I was afraid that this day would never come. As I was watching the inauguration, I had the freighting thought of “what if this was inauguration for McCann / Palin instead? thank god its not!) Now with our new President comfortably seated in the White House, I started to think about the iconic image of Obama by Shepard Fairy that was an essential part of the campaign. I don’t recall any other election where art, especially street art, was such an integral part to the mythology of the man. The art branded Obama’s face into our minds, and made us believe that he is hope, and with that, there can be hope. I hope this will be a renaissance for art, culture, faith, responsibility and basic human decency. I don’t ever want to hear another argument about how art is not essential, that is not as powerful as policy. Art helped changed the world. The proof is in the White House.