Nov 1, 2008
Los Angeles, Ca

I had asked for a consult with a photographer friend of mine, Jim McHugh. He is an amazing photographer and a kind of a mentor. I wanted to see what his opinion is of “What is next?!”

You may ask, why is Jim McHugh qualify to give such opinion? He has years of experience in the commercial world, has done very well in these last few years when he decided to venture into the art world, not to mention the experience and wisdom that comes with time and age. He was an advocate of my work early on and saw their potential before anyone else did.

Jim’s opinion is that I am selling to the wrong side of the street. If I could transform my work somehow so that it is no longer just photography – it being the bastard child of the art world – and sell myself as a fine artist – then it would really be something!

It all makes perfect sense. In a way, I knew this already. I think that is why we talked about the scratch and sniff idea and to incorporate interactive and multi-media elements to the work and presentation.

Its interesting to look at the art market and see the fuss over “new media” and understand how there is this nearly arbitrary line drawn. Shepard Fairy for instance and the popularity of street art. It can be just as easily replicated as photography, after all, its a stencil, but the medium is relatively new and because of its influence in popular culture and its social-political guerillaness, he can command 5 figures for his art. Bravo! I applaud him for how far he has come. I simply find the irony in the art world’s acceptance and preference of one medium over another “interesting.”

You know how you are often asked to describe your art and what it is about, or the style of it? I am fully aware of the nuances of my work, yet I don’t want to describe it to others. I want them to see it themselves. Jim described my work exactly as I hoped for it be described. Its not documentary or reportage, cause its not in their faces. Its not of crying children and dying men. Its studied, it takes a step back, it has a narrative and you want to be involved in it. You want to know more. Its quiet in a way and its a little melancholy. It felt so good to have someone describe your work the way you think it should. Not only do they “get it” – fully appreciate why you think its good or special – but they have the language to say such.

So, need to create new work, need to start re-inventing as an “artist”, more grants and more gallery show. That is what is next!

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