July 7, 2008
Los Angeles, CA

I have finally washed off the red Cambodia dirt and now I can’t sleep.
Plus I have the post travel blues.
I miss being on the road already and I am already restless for our next trip. When we are traveling, backpacking, I find that I can live in the present tense much better. At home, I am in anticipation of tomorrow.

I feel as if I am visiting a strange land with strange people here in LA. Stranger and harder to relate than to any of the places I have visited, stranger than any other culture I have seen. I don’t relate and I can’t seem to summon up any compassion for them.

There are these bipedial animals walking about with cloths that have huge letterings on them, they cover their face in brightly colored powders, eyes with tinted plastic with shinny stones attached to the sides. They drive motorized carts with leather interiors and all of them are new, old does not exists here in this land. The meals are lavish and fermented drinks are consumed during all meals. But what is the most strange is how their eyes are vacant, and a smile is no where to be found. Its as if they all have been captured and have their dreams stolen. They no longer could dream, they no longer could smile for strangers.

I miss the red dirt, I wish that I could sleep.

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