June 24, 2008
Siem reap, Cambodia

Kids follow you around just as you enter each monument and try to sell you various things.

This morning at sunrise this one girl viet gave me a bangle for good luck and wanted me to have coffee at her stahall when I am done with the sunrise. She also said that she will leave me be and have some quiet. 13 years old, really sweet and wants to be an English teacher.

Another child who is only 5 years old would say “postcar one dollar” about every 10 seconds to me. She is so cute but doesn’t understand enough for me to try to talk to her. I first ask her if she can say anything else. She just look confused. Then I would ask her if she would like a monkey or a chicken and she just look even more confused. She smiled at the offer of an oreo cookied but refused.

In the end, I felt really bad and have her about 12 cents usd so that I could take a photo of her.

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