April 6, 2008
Los Angeles, CA

I made an embarrassing mistake when I attempted to come home to LA on Thursday 4/3.
I arrived at JFK, after much ado via subway and then air train, with a suitcase that is too heavy (damn my portfolios ! Must make lighter ones). The automated check in machine rejected me and told me that I was too early to check in for my flight! So I went to the counter, only to find out that my flight back to LA is for the following day, 4/4.
I had the option of paying difference in fare or take the air train then the subway back to my friends, work, lug my suitcase up the many flights of stairs and then only to have to repeat the same exercise again in less than 24 hours.
I paid the fare difference and came home. I couldn’t believe how I had been confused. This whole 10 days I was in NY, I was convinced that I was flying Thursday, so naturally, I did not schedule any meetings for Thur afternoon or Fri morning. Why would I?
My only consolation is that had I stayed in the city for another day, without much to do, I probably would have just spent money on things I don’t need.

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