March 15, 2008
Los Angeles, CA

In an article in the New York Times this morning there is news of Tibetans in violent protest aganist the Chinese, “stories were circulating among local Chinese that soldiers had been wounded and had not been allowed to fight back against Tibetans throwing rocks.”

Our recent trip there was amazing, even if I am not done in recounting the journey. The resentment amongst the Tibetans are hight. Its difficult for them to get jobs cause most of the jobs are taken or given to the Chinese. Yet I still found the people at large to be extremely warm and friendly.

How much oppression can one take before its too much and they decide to throw rocks and fight back? How will the Chinese Goverment deal with this embrassement, this lost of face, on the eve of the Olympic Games?

I have seen the faces of the Tibetan people, they are not just a group of people anymore, but individuals…

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