December 2, 2007
Shigatse, Tibet

You must be asking yourself, are we ever gonna get to Everest, soon, very soon, I promise. This time warp will end!


At the Tashilhunpo Monastery in Shigatse, we had a chance to see the monks as they gather for their evening prayer. I had my Hasselblad 501 with a 40mm lens on it, its demands quiet a presence in the age of pocket size digital camera. I had it around my shoulders, just kinda hanging out, chatting with the other 4 travelers we have seen on our journey to Everest Base Camp. All of sudden, one of the young monks, he can be no more than 16, leaned in towards the eye piece of the view finder on the camera and took a look through it. So I held up the camera for him to get a proper look through the view finder. I remember falling in love with photography when I had my first look through a Rollie, god, it was amazing to see the world through the view finder of such a camera. I wonder how it made the young monk feel. Or if its even an experience he had before. Or what he thought of what he saw?

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