December 18, 2008
Taipei, Taiwan

I got an email a few days ago to notify me the winner of the Aperture Portfolio Prize and the list of 5 runners up. Sadly, my name was not amongst the 6. Aperture had reviewed over 1000 portfolios for the prize this year and I had made it to the final round of reviews, but at last, my name did not make it to the top six. Sad, so sad.

I hope all of my other grant / fellowship submission will be greeted with kinder fate.

The first course they should teach you in art school should be how to deal with disappointment and how to armor yourself with an iron will. Without it, your fate as an artist of any discipline is doomed.

I also caught a glimpse of my fellow artist friend Kesha Bruce’s recent blog entry and it was a list of her accomplishments for 2008, the list was extensive and I am proud of her for having accomplished to much.

But between not having made it to the final round (there is no prize for almost, it is not a subcategory on your CV) but not onto the top 6 names for Aperture and looking over Kesha’s accomplishments, I can’t help but feel a little bit like a loser today.

So it goes, here comes the end of the year blues….